The complexity of the multispecies world


2021, pencil, coloured pencil, fineliner, 29.7 x 42 cm


We live the illusion of an order established by humans. Our order system is spanned between a x-axis and a y-axis. This system is two-dimensional. The correlation between our existence and the chemical-biological factors that condition our existence, are much more complex than we currently know. Do we have sufficient cognitive abilities to understand these complex correlations. Yet other entities are at the bottom of our order. If we add a third axis, the z-axis to the area that was spanned by the x-and the y-axis, we establish a three-dimensional order system. The human order looses its points of reference in a three-dimensional system and the lines of the xy-area suddenly fly loosely around the space.

What does it mean to think three-dimensional and how can we learn to understand the ambiguousness of our existence?