Der Ackermann


2018, Diploma show


Ehemaliges Barockmuseum im Mirabellgarten, Salzburg, Austria


My research started with the term „darkness“ as a symbol of seclusion and anxiety. It not only refers to the mental and spiritual state of a person, but also includes the external conditions of the social environment or the natural surroundings that determine this state. I chose the geography of the Carinthian Alps in order to be able to situate my question within an actual setting. In my cocept, the Austrian Alps are the scenic symbol of this emotional state. The subject of this diploma thesis was the search to compress and shape this specific emotional state of „darkness“, and the aim to communicate this matter and make it tangible by means of spatial concepts.

With my research focussing on site-typical conditions such as landscape, architecture, materials and by experimenting with typical work processes of mountain farming and food production.