About Anna Zadra



Anna Zadra is an austrian conceptional artist and stage designer. In her work she focuses on man and his relationship to space.

The subjects of her artistic research are the location of man in space, immanence as well as haptics, materiality and sensation of space. Prior to her studio work process she searches in the fields of literature and applied science. Systematic gain of experience in situ is also important part of her work process. Materials derived from surroundings of the current work place often are the starting point of her works. From the moment on she starts collecting material, the research subject starts so „materialize“.

All along through a process of various experimentations she develops varieties of the topic in order to make it visible. A high sensitivity and precision in form and materiality, as well as the play with the spatial dimension characterizes her work.


Anna Zadra studied theater-, film- and media studies at the University of Vienna and stage- and exhibition design at the University of Mozarteum Salzburg.






Research topic 2020-2023



We live in a state of anxiousness where we don’t move. We don’t move, because we don’t know toward what we should move. We have no vision how our future existence could possibly be. In my view this is the main reason why we find ourselves trapped in a condition of motionlessness.

Now how can I as an artist help to build a new vision of our existence? I would like to pursue this main question in my artistic research during the next years.

To begin with I want to understand how we are just a tiny part of the complex chemical system called „Earth“. I want to feel how thin the inhabitable stratum of our planet is and have therefore spent two months one of the younges part of the earth: Iceland.

Scientist started calling this very thin layer of not more dan 5 km in depth the „Critical Zone“. I want to sense this energy of what lays underneath our green and blue world in order to understand the delicateness of our being.  I am interested to explore what needs to be done in terms of a shift of human self-perception, towards a multi-species perception of the world and our own being.