The Ginnugagap


2021, plastic, feathers, paper, 42 x 34 x 29 cm


Ginnugapap is the primordial void in Nordic mythology, the chaos before the creation of the cosmos and a gaping void that contained nothing material. It was the time when the giant Ymir lived.

The sons of Bors Odin, Vili and Vé killed Ymir and put him into Ginnugagap. They fashioned the Earth from his flesh, the ocean and the lakes from his blood. They formed the mountains from his bones, rocks and boulders from his teeth and molars, the clouds from his hair and from his eyelashes the middle realm Midgard in which mankind lives upon today.

Midgard is the middle of the Earth inhabited by humans. High walls separate them from the giants, who live in Jötunheim, a land along the beaches.

Asgard is named the home of the Aesir tribe of the gods, located in the sky. A bridge called Bifröst was built by the gods. It has three colors. It connects the home of gods with Midgard, the home of human beings.