6 steps to immanence


2021, paper, various sizes


How can we achieve immanence?

Model A:

    1. DISINTEGRATION/ RUIN* [of a) human understanding of our planet b) human existence due to natural disasters]

    2. BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION* [human made attempt to create new behaviour patterns as reaction to point 1]

    3. DISSOLUTION [of a) the human system b) the chemical-biological system humans know and understand]

    4. COMPLEXITY *[revelation of the com-plexity of the constitution of the planet Earth (Gaia) combined with the emo-tional realization of the human role]

    5. JUMP [moment of perception of our human immanence → relocation process → jump into something new]

    6. NOT KNOWN [unknown status]

    7. AMBIGUOUSNESS [immanence]



1. – 2. status quo // 3. outlook // 4.7. vision


*cognitive process